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ECFCA Training Division

Training & Safety Division

Mission Statement
The Training & Safety Division of the Essex County Fire Chiefs’ Association is dedicated to insure the continuity of safety for all Essex County fire personnel and its citizens, as well as its Associate members, through a continued commitment to the areas of awareness, education, training and safety of all of its members. Additionally, the Training Division holds steadfast to the idea of successfully fostering partnerships, through outreach and networking, with other training and safety organizations and agencies, in a continuation of the ultimate objective of awareness, education, training and safety performed in the most proficient, efficient and effective manner.

Current Executive Board

President: Captain Conor Brown (Topsfield Fire)          cpbrown@topsfield-ma-gov
Vice President: Captain Barry Aptt (Gloucester Fire)
Secretary: Lieutenant Tyler Brown (Boxford Fire)

 Training Guides


Coffee Break Training (NFA)

1. Vehicle operations safety 1 Document-Techniques for improving emergency vehicle ops. safety NFA

2. The analysis, design,development,implementation and evaluation model Document-The analysis,Design,Development,Implementation and Evaluation Model NFA

3. Geospatial Imagery
A. Understanding Geospatial Imagery: Document-Understanding Geospatial Information Reading Imagery- Part 1 Introduction NFA
B. Understanding Geospatial Imagery Part 2: Document-Understanding Geospatial Information Reading Imagery- Part 2 Scale and Extent NFA
C .Understanding Geospatial Information: Reading Imagery Part 4 Defining Colors: Document-Understanding Geospatial Information Reading Imagery- Part 4 Defining Colors NFA
D.Understanding Geospatial Information: Reading Imagery Part 5 Use what you know: Document-Understanding Geospatial Information Reading Imagery- Part 5 Use what you know NFA

4. Administration (NFA)

1. Emergency Communications Centers Document-Adminstration Emergency Communications Centers NFA
2. Community Risk Reduction Document-Administration Community Risk Reduction NFA
3. ISO Class 9 Document-Insurance Services Office Public Protection Classification Class 9 NFA
4. Public protection classification part 1. public protection classification Part 1
4A. Public Protection Classification Part 2 Document-Public Protection Classification for Individual Properties Part 2 NFA
5. ISO classification Part 2. ISO classification Part 2
6. ISO Split Clas and Class 10W Document-Adminstration Insurance Service Office Split Public Protection Classification and Class 10W NFA
7. What is ISO Part 1? Document-Insurance Service Office What is Insurance Services Offices Part 1 NFA
7a. What is ISO part 2? What is ISO part 2
8. Evaluate Public Water Document-Evaluating Water Supply for Public Protection Classification NFA
9. Fire Dept overview part 1 Document-Fire Department Overview Part 1 NFA
10. Fire Dept. overview part 2 cb_fp_2015_4
11. Fuel Hoarding and container size Fuel hoarding
12. Crude Oil Implementing Response Objectives Crude oil Implementing Response Objectives
12. Hazmat detonation or deflagration hazmat detonation or deflagration
13. Public protection classification for individual properties, Part 1 Document-Public Protection classification for individual properties Part 1 NFA
14. Intro. to building code effectiveness grading schedule, Part 1 Document-Administration Introduction to Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule Part 1 NFA
15. Preparing for the ISO office visit, Part 1 Document-Administration Preparing for an insurance services office visit Part 1 NFA
16. Preparing for the ISO office visit, Part 2  Document-Administration Preparing for an insurance services office visit Part 2 NFA
17.Preparing for the ISO office visit, Part 3 Document-Administration Preparing for an insurance services office visit Part 3 NFA

5. Medical (NFA)

1. ICS Triage Unit Leader Document-Medical Components of the Incident Command System Triage Unit Leader NFA
2. ICS Treatment Unit Leader Document-Medical Components of the Incident Command System Treatment Unit Leader NFA
3. ICS  Treatment Area Manager Document-Medical Components of the Incident Command System Treatment Area Leader NFA
4. Treatment Dispatch Manager Document-EMS Medical Components of the incident command system Treatment Dispatch Manager NFA
5. ICS Medical Components of the Incident Command System: Patient Transportation Unit Leader or Group Supervisor NFA Document-Medical Components of the Incident Command SystemPatient Transportation Unit Leader or Group Supervisor NFA

6. Fire Equipment Training (NFA) 

1. Portable Fire Extinguisher use around airplanes Document-Portable Fire Extinguishers use around airplanes NFA
. Automatic Sprinkler FD Connections: Document-Automatic Sprinkler System FD Connection Sizes NFA

1. Storage Practices: Charging electric-powered industrial trucks:Document- 17

8. Cooking
1. Commercial Cooking: Document-Commercial Cooking The Cooking Environment NFA
2. Commercial Cooking Oil Characteristics 2: Commercial Cooking
3. Commercial Cooking Plenum Fire Protection: Commercial Cooking- Hood Plenum Fire Protection

9. Marketing
1. Fire Safety: Document-Marketing your Fire Safety Program NFA

10. Fire Alarm:
1.  Retransmitting AlarmsDocument-Fire Alrm and Detection Signal Retransmission NFA

11. Building Construction:
1. Building Construction: Document-Buiding Construction Special Inspections NFA


Water Supply
1. LDH 1 Hydrant w/steamer Document-LDH 1 Hydrant wsteamer available 
2. LDH 2 Hydrant w/o steamer Document-LDH 2 Hydrant w/o steamer available
3. LDH 3 Establish Water Supply Document-LDH 3 Establishing a Water Supply to Engine
4. LDH 4 Relay Pumping Document-LDH 4 Relay Pumping Essex County
5.  WATER SUPPLY H-2  Document-Water Supply Drill H-2 Essex County
6. RELAY PUMPING H4 PART 1 Document-Relay Pumping Drill H4 page 1of 2 
6a. RELAY PUMPING H4 PART 2  Document-Relay Pumping Drill H4 page 2 of 2 

 Ice Rescue
1. Surface Ice Rescue: Need all pages for training
a. Document-Surface Ice Rescue Northborough
b. Document-Surface Ice Rescue 2 Northborough
c. Document-Surface Ice Rescue 3 Northborough
d. Document-Surface Ice Rescue 4 Northborough
e. Document-Surface Ice Rescue 5 Northborough
f. Document-Surface Ice Rescue 6 Northborough
g. Document-Surface Ice Rescue 7 Northborough
h. Document-Surface Ice Rescue 8 Northborough
i. Document-Surface Ice Rescue 9 Northborough
j. Document-Surface Ice Rescue 10 Northborough
k. Document-Surface Ice Rescue 11 Northborough

Chimney Fires
1. Chimney fire basics: Need all 6 pages
a. Document-Chimney Fires 1 Northborough
b. Document-Chimney Fires 2 Northborough
c. Document-Chimney Fires 3 Northborough
d. Document-Chimney Fires 4 Northborough
e. Document-Chimney Fires 5 Northborough
f. Document-Chimney Fires 6 Northborough




1. SCBA 1: Operational Test w/regulator Document-SCBA1. Operational Test W/Regulator 
2. SCBA 2: Donning AV-3000 Mask Document-SCBA 2. Donning AV 3000 Essex County
3. SCBA 3: Donning AV-3000 Sure Seal Document-SCBA 3. Donning AV 3000 Sure Seal
4. SCBA 4: Don/Doff Regulator Simulate down FF. Document-SCBA 4. Regulator DonDoff UserDown FF Essex County
6. SCBA 6: BATTERY TEST Document-SCBA 6. BATTERY TEST Essex County
11. SCBA 11. DUAL EBSS Document-SCBA 11. DUAL EBSS Essex County
12. SCBA 12. SCBA USE Document-SCBA 12. SCBA USE Essex County

a. Document-SCBA Overview 1
b. Document-SCBA Overview 2
c. Document-SCBA Overview 3
d. Document-SCBA Overview 4
e. Document-SCBA Overview 5
f. Document-SCBA Overview 6
g. Document-SCBA Overview 7

RIT Training ( 8 pages)
a. Document-RIT Air 1
b. Document-RIT Air 2
c. Document-RIT Air 3
d. Document-RIT Air4
e. Document-RIT Air 5
f. Document-RIT Air 6
g. Document-RIT Air 7
h. Document-RIT Air 8



1. OPERATIONS Document-Drill A1 Apparatus Operations Essex County
2. DRIVER TRAINING Document-Driver Drill A2 Essex County

Basic Pump Refresher< need all 13 pages
a. Document-Basic Pump Refresher 1 Northborough
b. Document-Basic Pump Refresher 2 Northborough
c. Document-Basic Pump Refresher 3 Northborough
d. Document-Basic Pump Refresher 4 Northborough
e. Document-Basic Pump Refresher 5 Northborough
f. Document-Basic Pump Refresher 6 Northborough
g. Document-Basic Pump Refresher 7 Northborough
h. Document-Basic Pump Refresher 8 Northborough
i. Document-Basic Pump Refresher 9 Northborough
j. Document-Basic Pump Refresher 10 Northborough
k. Document-Basic Pump Refresher 11 Northborough
L. Document-Basic Pump Refresher 12 Northborough
M. Document-Basic Pump Refresher 13 Northborough

Pumping a Hydrant ( need all 6 pages)
a. Document-Pumping a Hydrant 1 Northborough
b. Document-Pumping a Hydrant 2 Northborough
c. Document-Pumping a Hydrant 3 Northborough
d. Document-Pumping a Hydrant 4 Northborough
e. Document-Pumping a Hydrant 5 Northborough
f. Document-Pumping a Hydrant 6 Northborough

In Line Pumping W/Hydra Assist Valve ( need all 4 pages)
a. Document-In line pumping wHyd Assist Valve 1 Northborough
b. Document-In line pumping wHyd Assist Valve 2 Northborough
c. Document-In line pumping wHyd Assist Valve 3 Northborough
d. Document-In line pumping wHyd Assist Valve 4 Northborough

1. TOOLS F1 Document-Forcible Entry Drill F1 Essex County
2. IFSTA FIRE HOSE H-3 Document-ISTA Fire Hose Essex County
4. KNOT EVOLUTION # 1 Document-KNOT EVOLUTION 1 Essex County
5. OVERHAUL #2 Document-OVERHAUL DRILL O2 Essex County
6. JV & Zour Tool for Doors 

Long Lug out Escape ( 2 pages)
a. Document-Long Lug Out Escape 1 Northborough
b. Document-Long Lug Out Escape 2 Northborough

Ropes & Knots ( 14 pages)
a. Document-Ropes Knots 1
b. Document-Ropes Knots 2
c. Document-Ropes Knots 3
d. Document-Ropes Knots 4
e. Document-Ropes Knots 5
f. Document-Ropes Knots 6
g. Document-Ropes Knots 7
h. Document-Ropes Knots 8
i. Document-Ropes Knots 9
j. Document-Ropes Knots 10
k. Document-Ropes Knots 11
l. Document-Ropes Knots 12
m. Document-Ropes Knots 13
n. Document-Ropes Knots 14

1. ERG GUIDEBOOK RESPONSE #1 Document-ERG Guidebook response 1 Essex County
2 . ERG Guidebook Response exercise # 2, Part 1of 5  Document-ERG Guidebook Excercise 2 1 of 5 Essex County
2a. ERG Guidebook Response exercise # 2, Part 2 of 5 Document-ERG Guidebook Excercise 2 2 of 5 Essex County
2b.ERG Guidebook Response exercise# 2, Part 3 of 5 Document-ERG Guidebook Excercise 2 3 of 5 Essex County
2c.ERG Guidebook Response exercise# 2, Part 4 of 5 Document-ERG Guidebook Excercise 2 4 of 5 Essex County
2d.ERG Guidebook Response exercise # 2, Part 5 of 5 Document-ERG Guidebook Excercise 2 5 of 5 Essex County
3. ERG Guidebook Response,exercise # 1, Part 1of 4 Document-ERG Guidebook Excercise 3 1 of 4 Essex County
3a.ERG Guidebook Response,exercise # 1, Part 2 of 4 Document-ERG Guidebook Excercise 3 2 of 4 Essex County
3b. ERG Guidebook Response,exercise # 1, Part 3 of 4 Document-ERG Guidebook Excercise 3 3 of 4 Essex County
3c.ERG Guidebook Response,exercise # 1, Part 4 of 4 Document-ERG Guidebook Excercise 3 4 of 4 Essex County


1. DRILL 1 PART 1 Document-Ladder Drill 1 1 of 3 parts Essex County
1a. DRILL 1 PART 2 Document-Ladder Drill 1 2 of 3 parts Essex County
1b. DRILL 1 PART 3  Document-Ladder Drill 1 3 of 3 parts Essex County
2. DRILL 2 Document-LADDER DRILL 2 Essex County
3. DRILL 3 Document-LADDER DRILL 3 Essex County

1. DEFIB. UNITS Document-MEDICAL 4. Defibrillator Units Essex County

1. DRILL #1 Document-Boat Drill M1 Essex County
2. DRILL #2 HOVERCRAFT PART 1 OF 3 Document-Boat Drill M6 Hovercraft Part 1 of 3 Essex County
2A. DRILL #2 HOVERCRAFT PART 2 OF 3 Document-Boat Drill M6 Hovercraft Part 2 of 3 Essex County
2B.DRILL #2 HOVERCRAFT PART 3 OF 3 Document-Boat Drill M6 Hovercraft Part 3 of 3 Essex County

1. OFFICER # 1 Document-OFFICER CHOICE 1 Essex County
2. Training Videos from Hydrant,Rescue, ladders, videos

Fire Training Guides for Essex County Equipment

1. Steel Door Prop: Steel Door Prop Video

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