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Welcome to Massachusetts Essex County Fire Chiefs Association

The vision of the Massachusetts Essex County Fire Chiefs Association is to provide a wide range of programs designed to meet the needs and enhance the skills of its Fire Service Managers.

The Essex County Fire Chief’s Association was originally formed in 1956 as a social networking group made up of active fire chiefs within Essex County Massachusetts. It has since grown to include members from non-Essex County Fire Departments, retired fire chiefs, and vendors.

The association is viewed as one of the most progressive fire chief’s organizations within New England and offers a wide variety of services and programs to enhance and supplement responses through the development and utilization of regionalized assets such as portable radio caches, foam trailers, hearings officers, and specialized response teams.

The ECFCA also maintains four division levels organized and identified by specific fire service disciplines. These divisions are semi-autonomous and are made up of fire service members of all ranks. The current divisions are EMS, Fire Prevention, Training and Technical Rescue whose members provide training, education, incident response and support when called upon to do so.

Membership information is located here.

Our Mission Statement is:
The mission of the Essex County Fire Chief's Association is to provide a single source of programs to assist the fire departments of Essex County in their efforts to prevent or mitigate harm to life, property, and the environment.

We strive every day to fulfill this mission.

For more information contact Executive Director Ron Giovannacci