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ECFCA Fire Prevention Division

             MISSION STATEMENT                           

To help foster a fire safe environment for it’s citizens, visitors and guests through education, community planning and code enforcement. To provide fire prevention personnel training, knowledge, networking and experience to help them better protect the communities they serve. 

The Fire Prevention Division meets the LAST Tuesday of the month at 10:00 am in the training room of the Rowley Fire Department, 473 Haverhill St, Rowley, MA.

Current Executive Board Members

President:           Captain Jake Kreyling  

Vice President:      Captain Andy Murphy

Secretary:           Deputy Chris Pozzi


 Helpful links for Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement:

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Smoke Detector Replacement answer 4/9/2015
I spoke with Matt Allen this afternoon regarding our meeting and questions regarding the replacement of smoke alarms older than 10 years old. There seems to be some confusion on this item because of the frequently asked questions and the face that Chapter 148 § 26F ½ is applicable to houses built before 1975, or before the building code. We are all doing the Smoke Certificates now for dwellings built before 1975 but after too.

The new Fire Code is a maintenance code and it specifically references NFPA 72 (2010 Edition). In NFPA 72, section states that; Smoke alarms installed in one- and two-family dwellings shall not remain in service longer than 10 years from the date of manufacture. It is his recommendation that we enforce the 10 year replacement requirement for both before and after 1975. The Board of Fire Prevention Regulations will be meeting in the very near future to address many of the issues that have come up as part of the implementation of the new code. It is anticipated that language will be drafted as official interpretations to address this item as well as many others like grills on decks too. If I have any more information regarding these matters I will gladly forward them.


Lt. Todd R. Pomerleau