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Training: Improving Fireground Decision Making Through Deliberate Practice

May 22, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Teresa's Italian Eatery
149 South Main Street Middleton
MA 01949
Chief Carrigan Professional Development Class

Research has shown that experienced fireground commanders rely more on intuition than classical analysis when making critical fireground decisions. Based on their past experience they are able to rapidly (and subconsciously) assess a situation and arrive at a course of action. Unfortunately, the basis for this model is experience. Given that fires have dramatically decreased over the last several decades, new officers and those seeking promotion will increasingly lack the experience necessary to make intuitive decisions.  This class will present an overview of the research and state of the current problem, including the relationship to firefighter safety, as well as a potential solution.  The instructor will introduce the concepts of deliberate practice, simulation, mentoring and feedback, and the use of widely available technology to enhance the decision making abilities of firefighters and fire officers.

Instructor Bio: Scott Carrigan is the Fire Chief in Salisbury and previously served as a company officer for more than 12 years in Nashua, NH. The research for his Executive Fire Officer (EFO) program focused on the development of recognition-based training programs. In addition to his EFO certification, Chief Carrigan has a Master of Education degree and a B.S. in Fire Protection and Safety from Oklahoma State University.